what can be used against you in a divorce

Divorce is not the only option. Continue reading about what can be used against you in a divorce.

If you have been wondering what can be used against you in a divorce as a mom, dad or newly wedded couple it is important to be conscious of what ever you are doing when ever you feel that the marriage is not habitable again.

As one who wants a divorce from his/her partner, keep reading this article to see for your self.

What is divorce

Divorce simply means when a marriage is dissolved. It can also be said that when two mature married couple comes to agreement that they are know longer compatible together so they file for a divoce for them to separate from each other.

In some cases, one can see a divorce a choice when the marriage he/she is into is no longer inhabitable, very toxic and can’t cope with it. It is advisable to leave the marriage if you have been trying to fit in for long but it seems it wasn’t working, you Bett leave before you are out of the picture (world).

What are the Reasons for Divorce

You have to get this at the back of your mind, before a divorce happen their must be a disagreement somewhere.

Here are the possible main reasons for divorce, they include

  • Domestic violence
  • Infidelity
  • Psychological stress
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Lack of commitment
  • Family
  • Adultry
  • Finance
  • Sustance Abuse
  • Irriconcilable difference


The word adultery have done more harm than good in marriage. Research has it that couples who have divorced for the past 5 years are because of adultery. This applicable to both gender, because male cheat and women also cheat. The High rate of adultery in the society is alarming and we (you and I) have been wondering what could be done to cutdown the rate of adultery in the society.

Here are most of the things that can help to reduce the rate of adultery…

  • TRUTHFULNESS: Being truthful to both parties can play a great effect in this journey. If you have a truthful partner I assure you that this can aswell reduce.
  • COMMUNICATION: This is the key for a good marriage. If you really wants your marriage (union) to last longer communication will be one of the keys to use to get what you really wants.


Finance also has it’s own effect on divorce, because one can’t eat truelove. Yes truelove matters alot but without money or hoping that money will be coming from this investment, you will see that the love will shatter and they will be misunderstanding here and there. It is advisable to have something doing before being in a union with some else child.


As a man you don’t have any right to beat up your wife no matter what. Being able to handle or to treat each other according will really help you both in your union. Understanding is key and being able to solve the issue amicably is the real goal there.

As a partner being able to hear each other out is very important because it will reduce somany act of domestic violence.


Being committed to each other will really you out as one that is in union with someone. What is a happy union? This when you and your pattern are happily living together. You both can easily sort out your difference and can be able to resolve any issue at a giving point in time.


Family is also anoth factor that increases the rate of divorce in our society nowadays. Taking issues that suppose to be resolved amicably indoors, and without nobody knowing about it. Then when family comes in they start judging and siding for their own child, you see that problem has just started as at that point. Being able to resolve issues without involving family members, friends is very important. Resolving issues without involving family members shows that you both are good together and should be called worthy partners.


This is also one of the challenge factors in marriage. When one can not be able to reconcile with his/her partner, it becomes a problem.

This why it is important to attain marriage classes so that you both will be prepared for what you are entering into.

Who causes divorce more?

According to research, divorce has become a food to most women. Most women derive joy in it reasons best known to them. This doesn’t mean that men don’t file for divorce but research has it that 70% comes women.

Effects of divorce

There are alot of effects that comes after you might have divorced your partner.

Most often times the negative side effects of your divorce may not affect you but your children.

It is important to consider your children you have any before filing for a divorce, this is because itmay affect them mentally and otherwise.

NOTE: Studies have it that if your relationship with your partner is nolonger livable is better you live the relationship. This because to avoid domestic violence here and there. As a man you have to try your best to make your partner your best friend, having a good communication skills is also important and it will really help your union.


As a lady looking for what really cause divorce between two mature partners, u hope this my article dose help you out. I also encourage you try fix your union no matter what is the case but if it seems that your efforts towards making it to workout is not yeilding any resultsl, I suggest you live the union.